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Mike Took is a multi-optioned screenplay writer, slam-winning poet, performer and founder of Scriptstuff Poetry.  His published works include a visitor's guide to the Cannes Film Festival, an Elizabethan stage play Painting Shakespeare written in rhyming tetrameter and the book of his 2018 solo Edinburgh Fringe poetry show Overpriced Zeitgeist.  He has a slate of three feature films green-lit for production over the next two years in the USA and is currently writing a new screenplay and his first book.  In 2019 he established, along with three other poets, the #FourApocalypsePoets who had a highly successful debut of their show at the Edinburgh Fringe in that year. He has an annual stint as an awards panel judge at the prestigious Leicester Comedy Festival and is also the creator and director of the Leamington Poetry Festival which takes place in July.  He is the former News & Features Editor at the poetry website WriteOutLoud, his poems are published in various magazines and online, he hosts several monthly poetry nights in the Midlands area and regularly runs workshops and performs at poetry events and slams around the country.  Mike is also a singer and Voice Over Artist, has a degree from Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance and is a member of Equity and The Writers' Guild of Great Britain.

          "A real writing talent. A charismatic, energetic performer"


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