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Freelance Writing Services

"You have delivered way over and above that which I expected.  This is a fantastic assessment and the insights are pinpoint accurate."

(Sean Holland, Joined Up Think)

We accept commissions to write in any genre.  Our fees are competitive and can be quoted as an hourly rate or an individual project fee.  You'll love working with us, but if for some reason you don't like our work then simply don't pay us!  We specialize in variety, recent Freelance Writing services have included:

  • Commissioned screenplays

  • Ghostwriting an autobiography

  • SEO E-zine articles

  • Theatrical plays and shows

  • Live performance reviews

  • Digital copy and website editing

  • Corporate Voiceover scripts

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Writing Workshops & Teaching

"You guys were brilliant! All the students loved you

and they all learnt so much, it was really an amazing day and we can't wait to have you back!"  (M Russell, Head Teacher)

We have a versatile approach to spreading literary joy and encouraging everyone to write in some form or another.  We provide tailor-made or template workshops to suit any group and any level of ability:​

  • Festival workshops on writing a screenplay

  • Physical skills for performing your work in public

  • Teaching poetry in schools

  • Literature-based visits to Care Homes

  • The Art of Storycraft

  • Writing drama for radio

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Editing & Publishing

"Thanks for your honesty.  Now let's

not **** about, let's write a novel." 

(DM, book client)

"Beautifully put together"

(DS, Anthology


If you are thinking of creating and even publishing your book, play or film idea we can help you with everything from creative development right through to design and publishing options.  Select the level of guidance you think you might need and only pay for services that you will find useful:

  • Develop your idea or concept with expert guidance

  • Third party publishing advice and/or Self-publishing help

  • Ghost-writing, collaboration and editing options

  • Market appraisal and genre selection

  • Graphic design and layout

  • Digital marketing expertise

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Create. Engage.

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