Getting our amazing Script Coverage

for your screenplay is quick and easy!

"Genuine insight, pretty amazing value considering how much detail you went into" 

"Your script coverage has given me the confidence to carry on, and now I know I'm actually on the right track" 

"A lot packed in.  Every line is of value and it just doesn't include all the padding you would get with other companies"

"Received my script coverage today, thank you so much, this is so detailed and on the nose, and you guys were so quick too"

  1. Once your payment is confirmed just ​email us your screenplay in pdf format.

  2. Receive your 2000+ word Script Coverage in less than 10 working days, (it's usually quicker).

  3. It costs just £89.50, and we are so confident you'll be delighted with our services we offer a money-back guarantee.

Scriptstuff Script Coverage really does give you all this!: 

  1. 2000+ word professional and realistic review of your script

  2. Guidance on premise and plot structure

  3. Comments on pacing and rise and fall of dramatic conflict

  4. Advice on character development and a breakdown of character arcs

  5. Technical notes on formatting, grammar and typo's

  6. Highlighted "best bits" and why they work

  7. Areas for improvement, elements that don't really sit right

  8. Access-to-market recommendations: "the next step"

  9. Development and collaboration potential

  10. All Script Coverage reports include free Copyright Registration as standard

Is your screenplay ready for our Script Coverage?  Here's the five-point checklist:


With decades of screenwriting experience, multiple screenplay options sold and a regular presence at the Cannes Film Festival, Scriptstuff Script Coverage offers genuine expertise on how to develop any screenplay project, from a rough work-in-progress to a finished draft.


Create. Engage.

Between 70 - 140 pages PDF file


Formatted in 12 point font size


Uses regular font like Times New Roman


Written in English


Your own original work

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