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SCS Studio Filmz, USA

Budget c.$20M.  'A' List production crew attached.  Scott Stoltz Executive Producer.

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WESTERN: The Widow of Rattlesnake Bite

Princ Films, USA

Budget c.$2M.  Award-winning Director attached.  Sequel/prequel in writers' development.

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CRIME: Million Dollar Shark

Princ Films, USA

Budget TBD.  Project in studio development.  Igor Princ Executive Producer.



Undisclosed, USA

Budget undisclosed.  'A' List lead attached.  Project seeking production partnerships.

Optioned screenplays on

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Making Cannes Really Happen

A beginners guide for UK screen-writers visiting the Cannes Film Festival for the first time.



Poetry for the postmodern Bohemian

The illustrated book of the "vaguely anti-establishment" 2018 Edinburgh Fringe show.

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A bawdy Elizabethan comedy

Full-length stageplay about sexuality, seduction, Shakespearean siblings and selfies.



45 poets share the poetry love

Open-mic contributors offer thoughts and poetry on the theme of Corona Virus and the 2020 lockdown.

Published books on

Mike Took

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Mike is a screenplay specialist who, over several decades, has also written and been published in various other media.  He has had multiple screenplay projects optioned with several feature films currently in development including Launchpad, The Widow of Rattlesnake Bite and Million Dollar Shark.  A regular at the Cannes Film Festival and Edinburgh Fringe each year since 2012, Mike is also an Artistic and Quality Assessor for Arts Council England, a Panel Judge at the Leicester Comedy Festival and the Director of the Leamington Poetry Festival.  He has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the UK’s prestigious Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance and is a member of both Equity and the Writers' Guild of Great Britain.

Geoff Webb

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Geoff is a multi-optioned screenplay writer with the Sci-fi Launchpad (SCS Studio Filmz), the Western The Widow of Rattlesnake Bite (Princ Films) and the Horror Thriller Million Dollar Shark (Princ Films) also in development. Writing has been Geoff’s great passion for decades; writing in numerous genres and formats.

Attending the Cannes Film Festival every year for the past decade has led to some fantastic industry contacts, work on some fabulous projects and some wonderful and long lasting relationships.

Scriptstuff Entertainment

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All Scriptstuff Entertainment activities, projects and events strive to incorporate five guiding principles of operation:

  1. Promoting the Arts as having benefit for health, mindfulness and spiritual growth

  2. Only working with ethically sound partner organisations

  3. Ensuring artists are paid for their work

  4. Making Arts accessible to new groups and individuals

  5. Seeking engagement with under-represented groups at every opportunity

We are part of Scriptstuff Entertainment, a UK-based Arts organization that provides innovative works of writing and performance across multiple genres including film, literature, journalism, theatre, digital platforms, event management, poetry and music. 

We are specialist freelance scriptwriters and can provide expert script coverage to new and emerging screenwriters.

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